Ucee D. Guzeh, the owner of Elegance by focus LLC, was only about 13 years old getting ready to migrate to the U.S when her older brother asked her what she  wanted to do upon relocating to America. Her immediate response was “A beautician”. Through research and past experiences from Liberia, she discovered a  passion for the probity of health care in the U.S and decided to pursue a career in that aspect. As a registered nurse, she hopes to extend her wigs sales to patients who have suffered hair loss due to underlying diseases and complications. 

Her ability to start making wigs for sale was derived from the gratification she received when she did her family and friend’s hair. She is always confident, yet honored, knowing that each client will be ecstatic once Elegance by focus wig graces their scalp. Each wig is made or styled expressing her true skills she acquired from being a self-taught wig maker.  ‘’Greatness from small beginnings” Sir Francis Drake.

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